"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age." — Matthew 28:19-20

Our Mission & Vision

Sharing the Good News and giving of our time, talents, and resources with others around the world is how we share the love of Jesus and lead others toward a personal relationship with Him. 

We support our missionaries around the world through financial support, prayer, and personal encouragement. Church members are encouraged to participate in missions through: 

  • Praying for the work and the needs of our missionaries. 
  • Giving of funds that support the work of missions in the world. 
  • Serving with other members in the church on the Missions Commission. 
  • Going as a missionary on short and longterm missions trips. 

For more information, please call the church office: (205) 655-9696.

Eddie Bradley: Ministry Contact

Email: eddiebwork@gmail.com


Take a minute to get to know our missionaries, their families, and their affiliated organizations:

  • Bob and Judy Ambrosius

    Ethnos 360 — Alabama

  • Juan and Eva Barrientos

    World Reach — Peru

  • Peter and Sara Bastke

    MARC — Alaska

  • Joe and Jessica Birkmire

    Mars Hill Productions — Texas

  • Brandon and Michelle Burch

    World Team — France

  • Steve and Becky Cochrane

    Avant Ministries — Alaska

  • Alexe and Veronica Costea

    Partners in Evangelism — Romania

  • Joshua and Joy Crank

    World Team — Philippines

  • Patrick and Tracy Cross

    Biblical Ministries Worldwide — Utah

  • Nelu and Lidia Filip

    Crosswinds Foundation — Romania

  • Brian and Terri Firpo

    Campus Outreach — Thailand

  • Bob and Suzi Flanders

    SPEAR International Ministries — USA

  • Lee and Joanne Freace

    Crossworld — USA/Ireland

  • Kent and Marion Fuller

    Avant Ministries — Belize

  • Wyatt and Vicki Gwin

    Emmanuel and Associates International — USA/UK

  • David and Brenda Hinkle

    Hunting For Christ — Alabama

  • Tracy and Mary Jo Hipps

    Christian Service Mission — Alabama

  • Mark and Cindy Irwin

    Paraclete Mission Group — Europe

  • Dennis and Lora Kirkland

    Biblical Ministries Worldwide — Texas

  • John and Minori Lucas

    South America Mission — Peru

  • Luke and Naomi Milam

    CBM Ministries of North America — Georgia

  • Jeff and Ann Nelson

    Ponderosa Student Ministries — Alabama

  • Sarah Nichols

    YWAM — USA

  • Brian and Karun Reed

    ITEC — Florida

  • Cleon and Kathy Rogers

    BEE World — Germany

  • Don and Cheryl Schroeder

    SIM — South Asia

  • Dean and Linda Self

    Avant Ministries — Alabama/South America

  • Stephen and Becky Smith

    Ethnos 360 — Florida

  • Sharon Stauffer

    Positive Choices — Alabama

  • Brad and Colleen Taylor

    World Reach - USA/Africa/Latin America

  • Jose Luis Taquila

    Christar/ITEC — Bolivia

  • Santiago and Elise Velasquez

    Fellowship Internation Mission — Alabama

  • Bob and Debra Waldrep

    Crosswinds Foundation — Alabama